Lifelong Learning

Continue To Learn And  Grow

Another key component of an LFC is its commitment to lifelong learning. In addition to providing resort-style amenities and cutting-edge healthcare, LFCs also offer a variety of opportunities to pursue your intellectual passions.

Life Collegesm, the lifelong learning program at most LFCs, provides the framework for the classes; however members choose the curriculum and courses. This offers an assortment of intriguing and interesting topics taught by professors from the affiliated universities, learned community members, business leaders, visiting professors and outside specialists. Courses include diverse topics such as photography, gardening, long-term heallifecollegethcare trends, financial and estate planning, future aging trends, writing your autobiography or international politics. There is even a computer-based brain fitness program available as a special benefit to members. The curriculum is entirely driven by member preferences and interests. So, whatever your interest or expertise, you are able to share it at an LFC.

It has been said that a day without learning is like a day without the sun. At every LFC, many members commit time to both sharing their years of experience with and learning from each other. In 2008, we registered the name Life College as the perfect icon for the LFC’s commitment to lifelong learning. Life College, in partnerships with existing lifelong learning programs in operating LFCs offer members the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs, workshops and classes that are both educational and entertaining while providing stimulating and relaxing interaction with others.