The Pavilion at Westcott Lakes Provides Brain Fitness Program

The Pavilion at Westcott Lakes Provides Brain Fitness Program

Forgetfulness, confusion, struggles with daily living: We generally accept these common problems as inevitable stages of aging. Today, however, groundbreaking research has shown that there are new ways to combat these problems and buff up the gray matter, and the future Life Fulfilling Community® of Westcott Lakes, sponsored by Florida State University, is taking advantage of these advances to help community members preserve their brain fitness.

According to Dr. Ken Brummel-Smith, chair of the Florida State University College of Medicine’s Department of Geriatrics, “Brain fitness programs are essential to healthy aging. The more we research the so-called ‘normal changes of aging,’ the more we find out that aging itself explains only about a third of the changes. Another third is due to clinical or sub-clinical disease, which is all too commonly missed or under-treated, in part due to physicians believing it’s just your age.”

The final third of the so-called “normal changes of aging” are completely under the individual’s control, according to Brummel-Smith. He explains, “Medically the term “de-conditioning” is used to describe lowered heart capacity due to lack of exercise, but recent research shows de-conditioning occurs mentally and socially as well. Just like people who exercise maintain cardiovascular health, people with active, stimulating (and especially new or novel) mental activities maintain cognitive function. Brain fitness exercises also may prevent major diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.”

Although normal age-related cognitive decline usually starts around age 30, groundbreaking research has revealed that the brain can “rewire” itself to strengthen its capabilities. This ability to rewire itself is known as brain plasticity, and scientists now believe that brain plasticity has the potential to change millions of lives in areas as diverse as memory loss, Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain.

Westcott Lakes will introduce the computer-based brain fitness program from Posit Science® to community members and guests from 2 to 4 p.m. on September 9 at the Welcome Center in Southwood. This will be the inaugural class of the community’s lifelong learning program, Life College.

The initiative is a natural for Westcott Lakes, which is committed to becoming an oasis free of ageism and negative aging stereotypes that plague traditional retirement communities. With health and fitness as key ingredients of the Westcott Lakes experience, a central component of its culture is brain fitness and a lifelong learning program to keep the mind active.

Westcott Lakes’ non-invasive, computer-based brain fitness program from Posit Science® will help participants maintain cognitive vitality. The programs are engaging and aim to restore, strengthen and sharpen brain functions at any age, without medication. In essence, the programs can help strengthen and sharpen the brain’s ability to receive, process, and store information to ensure that the brain operates to its full potential.

After attending an information session on the programs, community members will be eligible to receive a copy of the Posit Science software for use in the privacy of their own home or in the classroom at the community’s Welcome Center. The software adjusts to individual needs, is engaging, easy to use, requires no prior computer experience, and takes only two months (one hour a day, five days a week) to produce lifelong changes.

Anyone interested in learning more about the The Pavilion at Westcott Lakes brain fitness program or the many benefits offered by the trend-setting Life Fulfilling Community can find out more at or by calling 1-866-510-1515.

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  1. Brain fitness programs are really relevant and effective in keeping your brain healthy and sharp. Especially these programs are most beneficial for elder persons.

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