A Series of Many Beginnings

by Richard Ambrosius

Destiny is not a matter of chance,

it is a matter of choice.

-William Jennings Bryant

To paraphrase John Barrymore, a person does not become old until regrets begin to take the place of dreams. Dreams and aspirations give our lives purpose and meaning. They change, over time, to reflect the stages of our lives.

In early childhood, we delight in the anticipation of birthdays, holidays, that new bike, summer vacations….and hugs. Later, we put away childlike things as new dreams begin taking shape-true love, a college education, a family, a career, a home, life partner, a new sports car or boat….and hugs. Vacations become a time of escape as we form our identities and come to terms with whom we are. Some dreams we realize, others lose importance as we grow and change.

In mid-life, our thoughts turn inward…to connections with family, friends and community. We vacation to relax and revitalize our minds and spirits, reconnect, find our roots and explore other times and lands. We dream of a secure future, good health, loving relationships….and hugs.

Becoming you is a journey, not a destination.

Few people today dream of “retiring” to a life of “doing nothing” for 15…30 years or more. Retirement as a life stage has changed. It no longer matches Webster’s definition “an end…withdrawal…separation…seclusion.” It is not a time to allow regrets to take the place of dreams. It is a time for new dreams, new beginnings.

The third stage of life is like the third stage of a rocket. It is when the productive stuff starts. Free of the pull of gravity (college tuition, mortgages, 60-hour workweeks, etc.), an astronaut can explore, discover new vistas and return to share findings and knowledge with the world. So can we.

Creating places for all life can be.

Life Fulfilling Communities® are shattering stereotypes and raising expectations for mature lifestyles by growing innovative communities where people celebrate and experience life. Places where dreams live, grow, and change. Places that enable people to explore, discover, and share….places for all life can be.

There are many housing options in our changing world. Our goal is to create choices for those in search of a challenging and rewarding tomorrow. Regardless of where you are and how you feel today, you should visit the world of Life Fulfilling Communities. It may not be your destiny, but then again…

While every Life Fulfilling Community is unique, all share a commitment to create extraordinary places for exceptional people.

We do not believe in doing the same thing repeatedly. We listen, and innovate. We reinvent. We have dreams. Our business itself is like a series of many beginnings. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. And our reputation as industry leaders continues to grow. May the dreams we have today lead to tomorrows to which we all look forward.

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