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The Battle Against Aging Stereotypes

by Richard Ambrosius
Why we create Life Fulfilling Communities®
instead of Retirement Communities?

According to Webster’s II Dictionary
Retire – verb, to give up working or serving because of advancing age, to withdraw, retreat, go to bed
Community – noun, a class or group with common interests
Therefore, a Retirement Community is a group of people, who share a common [...]

Toward Life Fulfillment…rethinking CCRC’s

by Richard Ambrosius
Leaders, like eagles, do not flock. You must seek them out one at a time. In the senior housing and healthcare industries, visionary eagles have been few and far between. This is not to say the design and amenities have not continued to be enhanced. It is not to say there are not [...]

Names and Half-dozen Changes…

by Richard Ambrosius
Isn’t it amazing? It took the 50th birthday parties of a few thousand leading edge baby boomers for corporate America and the mainstream media to wake up to the fact that the median age of adults in the US increased by about a decade while they weren’t looking. Now, two years later, articles [...]

A Series of Many Beginnings

by Richard Ambrosius
Destiny is not a matter of chance,
it is a matter of choice.
-William Jennings Bryant
To paraphrase John Barrymore, a person does not become old until regrets begin to take the place of dreams. Dreams and aspirations give our lives purpose and meaning. They change, over time, to reflect the stages of our lives.
In early [...]