Asset Protection

Protecting Your Future

One of the most compelling reasons to become a member of an LFC is to protect your assets from continuously rising healthcare costs. As 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations, LFCs can issue tax-exempt bonds to finance construction and development costs. What that means for members is the most cost-effective financing to fund LFCs, thus keeping Lifetime Membership and Monthly Fees as low as possible. Also, members of LFCs benefit from significant tax savings by deducting portions of their Lifetime Membership and Monthly Fees from their taxes as a pre-paid medical expense. Furthermore, members can select from contracts where in the Membership fee is up to 90% refundable.

With the Health Assurance Guarantee (commonly referred to as a Type A Life Care Contract), your membership locks in future long-term healthcare costs at discounted prices. In addition, LFCs offer “Health Assurance Now,” which means  when you become a  member, you will be part of an LFC with our full Health Assurance Guarantee even if your health status should change prior to the community’s opening.  At all LFCs, you are able to make decisions now regarding your future, so that someone else won’t have to do it for you later.

Quality Of Life, At Any Age, Is Worth Assuring SM

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